6 Tips For Buying A Car The Smart Way

Buying a new car can be an overwhelming experience, there are so many options to choose from, and the prices vary wildly. But if you know what to look for, it’s not too difficult to find a great deal on a vehicle that fits your needs. In this article we will discuss 5 tips for buying a car the smart way!

Tip One: Research Your Needs, And Set A Budget

It’s important to have an idea of what you need in your next car – so that way it will be easier to narrow down the options. Start by making a list of your needs and wants – do you want a small SUV or hatchback? Are fuel economy and low emissions important for you? What about safety features like lane departure warning systems and automatic braking?

Do some research on which cars offer these things at different price points. You’ll also want to set a budget for yourself, this can help focus your search…

Tip Two: Take It For A Test Drive In The Model That Matches Your Interests

Take it for a test drive in the model that matches your interests, if test driving is available with any models that you are interested in, then by all means do so!

Tip Three: Make Sure You Have Enough Money On Hand

You may need to come up with a larger down payment in order to buy the car of your dreams, or make sure you have enough money on hand for those pesky monthly payments.

Tip Four: Research The Car’s Warranty Coverage

Research the car’s warranty coverage, this is not to be overlooked, the manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover everything that might go wrong with your new vehicle. You’ll also want to consider how much maintenance will cost in the future and what type of aftermarket warranties car insurance from rabbit finance are available for you. Finally, find out if any extended service plans exist. These can often save money over time because they waive some regular maintenance costs…

Tip Five: Haggle With The Salesperson

Haggling is a great way to see if you can get the car for less. So make sure to take your time and do some research before making an offer on any vehicle. Some sellers are more willing than others, so don’t be afraid to bargain down!

Tip Six: Consider Buying Used Cars If You Have A Budget Under $3000

If the budget is under $3000 then it might not be worth buying new or leasing. However, with used cars there are many factors that must be considered when deciding what would work best for you. These include warranties, mileage, warranty coverage, safety features such as airbags and electrical systems like radio controls and power windows…

At the end of your car-buying journey, you should have a clear idea what kind of vehicle meets your needs and budget. You’ll also know how to avoid common pitfalls that make buying a new or used vehicle one big headache, in short if you follow these six tips for purchasing a new or used vehicle wisely.


3 Things to Consider Before Renewing our Insurance Policies

We should be aware that there are questions that we need to answer adequately before renewing our insurance policies.

Evaluate our Renewal Strategy

We should know that it is important to examine the commercial insurance cycle, so we may obtain lower premium rates in the future. In any soft market, it should be sensible to cancel our current policy as we want to capitalize on significantly lower rates. If our market hardens, it may be necessary to negotiate for a 12-month or multi-year rate terms. Over a 5-year period, the potential insurance costs for our business can be reduced if we have an excellent renewal strategy. In this case, we will need to pay close attention to insurance cycles, so we are able to act appropriately.

Evaluate whether we are over-insured

Often we have very little or even absolutely no chance of losing everything in our business in one catastrophic event. Unfortunately, some people still bet that the very unlikely occurrence will eventually happen. This will cause them to over-insurance themselves. If we have three $2 million office buildings and warehouses in the market, we shouldn’t have a $6 million insurance policy. It may result in wasted coverage and the cost can be extraordinarily high, especially in a very hard market. We may need to choose the probably maximum loss to determine our actual or appropriate loss limit. We may need to consider the location of our company and it is better to insure the most important building or warehouse, instead of insuring everything.

Evaluate our claim History

A good broker should help us in this situation. It is important to know that insurance losses will stay in our records for five years or more. It means that if we have been paid for a large claim, this fact will remain in our records for years. It means that it is possible we will need to pay for higher premiums after the next renewal. Whether we have 1000 or only 2 store locations, the amount of our previous claims will have direct effect on our next premiums. This could happen if insurers consider that we are risky consumers. We have limited knowledge on how insurers determine proper premium rates, but we should be fully assured that previous records will have a direct effect when we renew our policy.

It can’t be overstressed that we need to be partnered with the right kind of insurer. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t really understand their business. However, it is important for business owners to be particularly confident with their situation. We should be aware that insurance professionals are essentially representatives and premium rates are still determined by how we provide them with adequate information. By working insurance representatives properly, we should still be able to stay ahead of the competition. Even if we have completed the renewal process and obtained proper premiums; we should maintain an open dialogue with insurance representatives.


Benefits of Travel Insurance

One big question is whether we need to purchase travel insurance and this is a rather interesting question to ask. Just like any insurance policy, travel insurance is intended to protect us against unexpected and unwanted challenges. There are many unforeseen events that could happen during a trip. As an example, we may have our luggage misplaced by the airline and we could be left without any clothes to wear. There are also problems associated with cancelled flights due to unusually severe snowstorm around the airport, causing us to lose money in accommodation and booked travel trip. It is not a good thing to cut short a trip and many people got sick on vacation.

These problems should be covered by reliable travel insurance companies and interruption of trips won’t cause us to lose excessive amount of money. If we miss connecting flights due to external factors, they will pay for our accommodation. It means that we won’t need to sleep in an airport which will cause us to get tired and less energized for the upcoming trip. We may get up to $200 for a hotel room, before we resume our flight to the destination area. Travel insurance providers may pay us for $200 for delayed luggage or up to $1,000 for lost luggage. So, if we only bring ordinary clothes, deodorant and underwear, this should be a good deal. Travel insurance should also allow us cover any kind of medical evacuation and treatment. In fact, with travel insurance; people will be able to afford to travel, because they don’t need to allocate too much money for unexpected situations.

For Americans, Medicare doesn’t provide medical coverage for treatment outside the United States. This could also apply for medical coverage programs in other countries. However, to take full benefits of travel insurance, we should do the following:

  • Take all our travel documentation with us and not in our luggage.
  • Policy numbers should be written separate pieces of paper, placed in multiple areas. It means that if we lose the actual policy, we will still be able to identify ourselves.
  • Leave copies of our policy with next of kin at home and they should know our whereabouts. It means that we need to contact them regularly. Some quick instant messaging updates through smartphone should be enough.
  • Fill in the information page of our passport with important details. This will expedite services during an accident.

In general, travel insurance should be able to help us and the insurer should provide us with:

  • Reimbursement of our travel investment cause by early termination or cancellation
  • Reimbursement of unexpected travel costs, due to loss of luggage, delays and others
  • Coverage for medical referrals and emergency medical assistance
  • The availability of international medical assistance

It is clear that travel insurance could provide us with huge benefits. There should be many things that we can achieve by having proper insurance policy during a trip.


Things We Should Know About Travel Insurance

There are many things that we don’t really know about travel insurance. Not many people are well versed about the fine details of travel insurance. There are many questions that we need to ask. As an example, we should know what to do before we go abroad. However, travel insurance may only provide coverage to areas with low warning travel. We could make sure that we will be covered by the travel insurance by checking the FCO Travel Advice. We should also make sure that our passports and other documents are up to date. There should be validated copies of all our important documents. Put them in different places, so we could use them if our passports or other original documents are lost. Travel insurance policy may require specific visa details and inoculations, so we should make sure that we have those.

One big concern is whether we should take out our travel insurance before holiday. In general, it is quite important that we take appropriate insurance before taking even a short trip. This is absolutely imperative for people from EU region who want to travel outside EU. Places outside Europe will likely have different ways to treat medical emergencies and they may not be compatible with our travel insurance. Also, if we travel to an area against FCO advice, there’s a good possibility that the insurance company will refuse to meet our claim. However, it is possible that FCO changes during our trip, so we may need to contact our insurer to know what we should do, so we will stay within the coverage. This is important to make sure that we will be financially covered during an emergency.

Many people consider whether we should choose single- or multi-trip insurance. In this case, multi-trip insurance policy will determine how many trips that can be covered. This is a good thing to choose if we plan to travel a lot to different locations. If we take more than a couple of trips each year, than it is a good idea to choose multi-trip insurance policy. However, we should know that multi-trip policy is more expensive than the single-trip one. If we plan to have a single trip each year, it is a good idea to purchase a new plan before we go, so we won’t waste money on coverage that we don’t use. Travellers may also plan to cancel the travel insurance due to many reasons. There are many legitimate reasons why we are allowed to cancel our policy.

Death or serious illness in the family is a good condition to cancel our policy and it should be stated in clearly. Freak weather conditions, such as unusually fierce storm, may also delay our trip. The destination location could also be recently attacked by terrorists or plunged into social unrest. In this case, we should be able to call our insurer. In many cases, our insurance providers will be happy to allow us cancel our policy, because it is financially risky for them to continue cover us when travelling in those locations.


6 Mistakes That Can Increase Car Insurance Rates

There are many mistakes that we need to consider to avoid:

We are too Faithful

Yes, it is quite possible that the insurance company will give us loyalty discounts for the couple of decades we have stuck with them. In fact, we may already build a social relationship with the insurance representative. If we have become too comfortable, we may not want to look for other providers. The insurer may consider us as cash cow and they also become complacent. In this situation, we should play the field! It won’t hurt to look for free car insurance quotes and it is possible that we will eventually find better ones.

We want Sports Cars

Some people are affected by mid-life crisis and suddenly want sports cars. Somehow, they are finally be able to purchase something that leave both men and women gaping. After the crisis has passed, we may be surprised to know what we need to deal with exorbitant rates. It is also quite unfortunate that expensive cars attract the attention of thieves. They may not be dumb enough to drive away with the car, but they could still rip out those expensive electronics equipments from inside the cabin. If we don’t want to pay excessive premiums, it is a good idea to avoid buying expensive cars.

We are not Cautious

If we are not careful, we will need to be prepared to pay the astronomical rates. By being safe, we will be able to lower our interests. We could install anti-theft devices and air bags, to obtain discounts. We will definitely lose out if we throw caution to the wind.

We live in bad neighbourhood

Many people are unlucky enough to get trapped in bad neighbourhood, but others choose this location to purchase cheaper houses. Chances are high that we will need to deal with higher insurance rates. Living in a bad neighbourhood could increase the possibilities that our car will be stolen and vandalized. There are only three solutions, deal with the exorbitant rates, add plenty of security equipments or move to other location.

We did Fraudulent Tactics

If we have been charged with past insurance fraud, we will be in a very difficult situation. Many insurers will reject us and the government itself slaps really serious penalties on us. If it happens to us, we need to have full disclosure with our car insurance provider. It will take a few years to regain part of our reputation and we need to continue become ideal insurance consumers.

We never pay attention to our Credit

Credit rating can be kept at acceptable level if we continue to make payments on time. Our credit scores have direct effects on our insurance quotes. In this situation, we will need to live within our means. This will allow us to pay our mortgage, credit card bills and others.

Despite all these situations, the good thing is that people can actually change. We should know what we should do and how to become a much better person.


Potential Problems When Buying an Insurance Policy

Consumers may find different problems when dealing with insurance and they actually may have issues with brokers or agents. As an example, brokers and agents could be out of touch with the current market. Keeping up with a specific industry can be a full time job. It is possible that brokers are not too knowledgeable with specific industry. In this case, consumers may not be able to gain better information and lower rates. Many industries are driven by constant change. Today, we could deal with increased supply and lower demand. Both factors may have an influence on premium rates.

For this reason, we may need to make sure that brokers and agents have real expertise in the industry. We need a broker who understands how the industry is operating. So, when it is a proper time to get lower rates, we will get them. Brokers should become professionals who specialize in the industry. It is also important to know that insurers are given report cards from local authority. A is for excellent and D is for poor. This will allow us to determine the financial condition of an insurer. When we obtain a quote from insurance company, it is important to know its grade. We should avoid insurers with lower grades.

Poorly-graded companies will represent higher financial risks for us. We may not accept insurers that have less an A grade. This is particularly true when we want to protect our most important assets, such as our health and home. It should be quite easy to find A-grade insurers that offer the best prices. Disputes with insurers can be expensive, so it is important to make sure that we are dealing with the proper insurer. We may also think about endorsements, but unfortunately, lawyers write them. This makes endorsements somewhat difficult to understand. This is a loophole that we may need to be aware about.

Endorsements could be treated like yellow post-it notes. They are attached or get stuck to the policy. In general, endorsements are legal contracts that may subtract or add coverage depending on the situation. We should know that policies have specific endorsements. They should be listed on the Declaration page, located at the first part of a policy. In this case, we need to read the Declaration page carefully. We should check for things that may cause us a problem. It is a good idea to call the broker if we are particularly worried about something. We shouldn’t wait until we need to claim for something.

This will allow us to know whether a policy is already complete. When reading it, we should check whether there’s a number for each form. These numbers can be matched up and we will know if there’s a missing one. If we find a missing number, it is a good idea to call our broker. People make mistakes and we shouldn’t find troubles because someone makes a mistake. We need a complete policy and we should impress the broker.


5 Illogical Justifications for Not Purchasing Life and Health Insurance Policies

When we purchase a health or life insurance, we are better prepared to face the worst things that life may throw at us. Some life and health insurance policies are affordable, although they may not provide complete coverage. However, we still spend a fraction of the money needed to pay for potentially huge expenses. It is clear that risks related to our health and life are quite obvious. Buying health and life insurance are justified, but here are some misconceptions that prevent people to purchase both policies.

  1. Bad things won’t happen to me: Happy and healthy individuals often shrouded with a false sense of invulnerability. They may think that they won’t get hurt, get sick or die too soon. They may think that when it is the time for them to die, it will happen peacefully in old age when they are sleeping. Unfortunately, many people suffer from life-altering injuries or illnesses. There’s 10 percent chance that we die before the age 65. There’s 33 percent chance that we will suffer critical health problems before age 65. Of course, there’s 100 percent chance that we will eventually die.
  2. I can’t afford insurance right now: It is true that many people are living on a tight budget. However, premiums for health and life insurance should be seen as discretionary expenses. Many insurers allow us to stop paying for specific number of months if things get tight. After a few months, we should be at better financial shape to re-start the coverage again.
  3. Saving money is better than giving it to the insurance company: This is one of the most common justifications among people who don’t pay insurance policies. People have worked hard to earn money and they don’t want to spend it for insurance premiums. Saving money may seem a reasonable thing to do, but there’s always a big risk of dying or getting sick too soon. It is important to ensure that we are still financially secure after having a serious illness.
  4. Life insurance isn’t needed, my spouse will remarry if I die: This sounds like a really illogical reason. This could be a sign of marriage troubles or distrust in the family. It won’t be a good thing to leave the spouse and children a mountain of debts, due to medical, funeral and loss of wages expenses. Caring and compassionate husband should make sure that their loved ones will be financially stable, no matter whether his wife will remarry or not.
  5. I already have group insurance at work: Group insurance often pays two times our annual salary. This may sound like a lot, but our loved ones will live more than two years. Group insurance under-insures us and a good life insurance policy should provide at least seven times the last annual salary. This will provide the surviving family members with enough time to make preparations.

In reality, these justifications don’t really make sense and it will be much more logical to keep ourselves financially protected at all times.


How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Car insurance is requires in many states and countries. All licensed drivers should have it and the plan should protect against asset damages and cover medical costs incurred by road accidents. However, before choosing car insurance we should look for ways to save money while getting the best possible coverage. Because car insurance can be used for a long period of time, it is possible that we simply pay too much for the coverage. In this case, we should do comparison shopping to ensure that we receive all possible discounts. We should make sure that we qualify for the protection. It means that we shouldn’t be over- or under-insured, because both situations could cost us a lot of money.

There are many things to consider when we use car insurance policies. As an example, the insurer will ask us about the car type, age, driving record, our home address and others. There are many factors that can determine the overall costs of car insurance. It is actually possible that we get car insurance policy that is much lower than what’s provided by typical providers. It is also a good idea that we check the insurance rates periodically. Car insurance plan could change perpetually, so it is a good idea to consider whether we should change our insurer and get a new one.

Often, these discounts could provide us with huge costs savings on our car insurance policy. It means that we should be able to determine what kind of discounts is acceptable for our situation. We should review our car insurance policy carefully to know that discounts that we receive are acceptable. As an example, our driving record could have a huge effect in our effort to reduce the overall costs of car insurance. If our driving record is devoid of any kind of accident or ticket, we should be able to qualify for good driver discount. We should be able to obtain lower premiums by using specific safety features, including the daytime running lights.

If we are able to maintain clean driving record, we could actually negotiate for lower insurance premium after a few years. The type of car is also a contributing factor to lower the overall insurance costs. In this case, we should try to be careful and find ways to improve our safety. It is imperative that we are able to maintain a clean driving record, so we won’t get ticket or even experience a damaging incident. Keeping our overall insurance costs low should be quite easy to do. Many drivers are lamenting that their car insurance costs are too high, but it isn’t actually a big problem.

Car insurance shouldn’t be considered as a financial burden. In fact, insurance should be seen as a way to protect us financially. This can be achieved only if we obtain the lowest possible premium and highest possible coverage. We should get the best possible value for our money in order to make car insurance acceptable for our situation.


5 Mistakes Students Do That Can Increase Car Insurance Rates

Younger people are more reckless than adults, making it easy for them to make mistakes after mistakes. In some ways, they still think a bit like children. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions and short-term comfort may often be their priority. Here are mistakes that people may do:

Drinking before driving

This is one of the most common mistakes that young people do. If students want to get an excellent deal on their car insurance policy, it is important to maintain a perfect driving record. Nothing ruins a driving record than a severe DUI case. This is a serious condition, because DUI isn’t only dangerous for personal or others’ safety, it is also against the law. About a third of fatal accidents are associated with driving under alcohol or drugs influence. Drinking before driving is an indication of negligence towards one’s own life and the society.

Allowing Friends to Drive the Car

For many students, this may sound like a harmless thing to do. As an example, students may want to be helpful and they let friends to borrow the car for some college-related tasks. Although no one is doing a bad thing, allowing friends to borrow the car has violated the rules as stated in the policy. The car insurance policy considers car and driver as a single entity. The car shouldn’t be driven by others and the driver sometimes isn’t allowed to drive other cars, depending on the policy. The insurance company will eventually find out if students do this too often and record can be affected.

Breaking Traffic regulations

If we break more than a couple of traffic regulations in a single year, our premium will skyrocket.

Driving Sports Car

More expensive and bigger cars represent higher risks. Maintaining and repairing them are also more expensive. We will need to spend more money if the car breaks down or if it gets into accidents. Sports cars often have powerful engines and reckless young driver will be tempted to drive rashly. Buying used cars may cause many insurance benefits and it is definitely more expensive to buy insurance policy for the first day of college.

Skimping on Coverage

College students could be tempted to obtain insurance with minimal coverage. We should know that this could be the wrong way to go. It is true that students will need to spend less, but minimal coverage will not provide them with the proper protection. Although they have been careful and cautious, many things could happen to the car and the student. Higher deductible is often associated with full insurance and this is also a good incentive if we want to become a more responsible driver.

These possible mistakes are things that they need to avoid before and after buying car insurance. In order to further reduce car insurance costs, students could look for free car insurance quotes.


Things That May Not Be Included in Pet Insurance

Many families have pets that they adore. They treat pets as part of the family and like other family members, keeping pets healthy can be quite expensive. Medical treatments can be quite costly and it’s a good idea to choose medical insurance. However, before buying pet insurance, there are components that are excluded. We may not know about this fact and we could simply think that the pet insurance provider has failed us. Here are things that may be excluded from the coverage:

  1. Illness that appears within first 30 days after the policy is purchased. This also applies to standard health insurance for people.
  2. Conditions or illnesses which arise due to the process of giving birth or pregnancy
  3. Dog that is included in the Dangerous Animal Acts. If the policy is applied for an especially fierce breed of dog, it will be considered as illegal and void
  4. Dental treatment, but it may depend on the policy
  5. Hereditary conditions and behavioural problems
  6. Pets that need to be killed under the orders of the courts
  7. Illegally imported pets
  8. Travel outside the country, unless specified within the policy. It is considered as a major issue in many claims. Consumers may fail to check this detail when signing their policies. People who intend to bring their pets to other country should re-check their policy and contact the customer support.
  9. Claims related to epidemic diseases, such as rabies
  10. Racing or guard dogs, although they could be covered under special insurance policies

People who plan to purchase pet insurance policy need to bear in mind that the insurer may specify maximum amount of payout. This could depend on the amount of premiums. As an example, insurers may stop paying if they have provided $10,000 for the current year. This amount is sufficient for a major surgery and various medications. Each individual policy is different, so it is important for pet owners to know about the limit of the coverage. This also applies for vehicle and homeowner’s insurance policies too, so pet owners should be aware of such limitation.

Companies may also a set of excess fee and this could depend on the type of coverage. Pet owners should choose the type of coverage that they consider as the best policy and preferably, also the best value for their money. Pet insurance policies are often time-limited, so it means that the fee will be paid for a specific contract length, such as 12 months. This also applies with car insurance. There are also insurers that provide policy for the lifetime of the pet. In this case, pet insurance provider should provide a proper guarantee. When choosing a lifetime pet insurance,

Unusual or rare breeds of pets could also require special insurance policy. Specific species of pets, such as snake could face bigger pet insurance costs. The value of the pet itself has direct effect on the insurance costs. Rare breeds are often expensive, so we need to prepare to pay for higher insurance costs.