Small Businesses

Numerous small to medium enterprises now seek business loans from non-bank sources known as private or alternative lenders. These organisations are helping small businesses when traditional institutes are turning their backs. Running a start-up or small company is challenging and sometimes you need an injection of cash quickly. Here are some of the advantages of using alternative lenders for small business loans.

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Unexpected Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of using an alternative lender is that they can provide you with collateral almost immediately; you don’t have to go through a long process just to secure a small amount of money. For instance, you may have started a successful business that is showing excellent growth potential and profitability, and suddenly an unexpected opportunity presents itself.

Although you run a productive business, it is highly unlikely that as a start-up you will have excess cash. Having no access to quick cash means you could lose out on a potential opportunity. You may need this money to purchase more equipment to meet growing demands or extend your property.

But, if you’ve zero collateral, you lose out. Turning to informational resources like can provide insights on alternative lenders. Having the option of securing a loan from a private lender allows you to avail of unexpected opportunities.

If you are looking for quick cash NZ loans, there are several online organisations which offer professional services and outstanding rates for small business owners. There are many reasons to apply for quick cash loans from private lenders, here are some other examples of how small organisations can benefit from other sources of financing.


  • Your business may experience unprecedented growth and you require quick cash to pay for an extension.
  • You may also need money to expand your business and move to new premises.
  • An opportunity may arise where you can buy discounted inventory or equipment during sales, this will require an immediate injection of cash which a private money lender can supply. A factory may be closing and looking to offload equipment at discount prices, these types of opportunities must be taken advantage of if you wish to succeed in business.
  • You may need to purchase additional shares in your company or buy out a partner.


  • There are times when your business may encounter extreme weather conditions that force your organisation to close for an extended period. This closure can cost you sales and you may require funds immediately.
  • You may come across an unexpected market downturn, which causes your business to suffer requiring a small business loan to help you through a challenging phase. You never know when the economy could affect your bottom line, demanding alternative means of financing.
  • Unexpected problems such as key equipment breaking down.

There are many instances when a small business may require a rapid injection of cash to deal with unexpected circumstances and business opportunities. If you rely on traditional banks, you could be waiting far too long which may cause your business to go under or miss a vital opening, alternative money lenders offer fast, efficient loans.