Travel Insurance

There are many things that we don’t really know about travel insurance. Not many people are well versed about the fine details of travel insurance. There are many questions that we need to ask. As an example, we should know what to do before we go abroad. However, travel insurance may only provide coverage to areas with low warning travel. We could make sure that we will be covered by the travel insurance by checking the FCO Travel Advice. We should also make sure that our passports and other documents are up to date. There should be validated copies of all our important documents. Put them in different places, so we could use them if our passports or other original documents are lost. Travel insurance policy may require specific visa details and inoculations, so we should make sure that we have those.

One big concern is whether we should take out our travel insurance before holiday. In general, it is quite important that we take appropriate insurance before taking even a short trip. This is absolutely imperative for people from EU region who want to travel outside EU. Places outside Europe will likely have different ways to treat medical emergencies and they may not be compatible with our travel insurance. Also, if we travel to an area against FCO advice, there’s a good possibility that the insurance company will refuse to meet our claim. However, it is possible that FCO changes during our trip, so we may need to contact our insurer to know what we should do, so we will stay within the coverage. This is important to make sure that we will be financially covered during an emergency.

Many people consider whether we should choose single- or multi-trip insurance. In this case, multi-trip insurance policy will determine how many trips that can be covered. This is a good thing to choose if we plan to travel a lot to different locations. If we take more than a couple of trips each year, than it is a good idea to choose multi-trip insurance policy. However, we should know that multi-trip policy is more expensive than the single-trip one. If we plan to have a single trip each year, it is a good idea to purchase a new plan before we go, so we won’t waste money on coverage that we don’t use. Travellers may also plan to cancel the travel insurance due to many reasons. There are many legitimate reasons why we are allowed to cancel our policy.

Death or serious illness in the family is a good condition to cancel our policy and it should be stated in clearly. Freak weather conditions, such as unusually fierce storm, may also delay our trip. The destination location could also be recently attacked by terrorists or plunged into social unrest. In this case, we should be able to call our insurer. In many cases, our insurance providers will be happy to allow us cancel our policy, because it is financially risky for them to continue cover us when travelling in those locations.