insurance policy form on desk in office showing risk concept

Travel insurance is something that we shouldn’t forget to buy before a trip. When it comes to insurance, we should be very serious about it. In this situation, we shouldn’t take any chance. There are many things that could go wrong in distant countries. It could cost us a lot of money if there are problems, such as injury and sickness. Here are things that should be covered by a travel insurance provider:

Travel Curtailment

Problems can actually happen before we go to the airport. A family member could become injured or ill, causing the curtailment of the trip. This is the basic thing that insurance provider should offer. We must be reimbursed for a portion of the vacation that’s not used.

Travel cancellation

Some travel insurance companies don’t want to reimburse cancellation because of the tour operator have gone out of business. If we don’t get this kind of coverage, we should look elsewhere. Cancellation could also be caused by death in the family, sickness and other things. Travel insurance should be purchased when we book the trip and we need to make sure that it covers us immediately at specific days before departure. We should also know that waiver isn’t really insurance.

Personal Liability

Personal liability is an important part of travel insurance. In case of legal liability, the policy should provide us with proper coverage. Problems could arise out of one’s negligence, which cause 3rd party property damage and/or 3rd party injuries or deaths. Insurer may also provide us coverage against theft or loss of items, such as golfing equipments and laptops.

Delay of Flight and Baggage

This coverage is often included with the “time excess”. It means that the coverage is activated when the delay has exceeded specific time frame. This could vary depending on the insurance company.

Emergency services

It is important for insurance companies to provide coverage for emergency services. This can be very helpful for travellers who want to obtain reliable medical emergency services during unexpected situations, caused by illness or accidents. Emergency assistance could also be provided by medical referrals, interpreter, legal professionals and embassy officials. We should check hospitals that are included in the network when we plan to visit specific areas.

There are types of insurance policies that we may need to choose. As an example, annual policy could provide coverage for the whole year. Another option is to buy insurance per trip basis and this may be a more expensive option, due to the higher premiums. There could also be limitations on how many trips that are covered each year and how many days that are covered for each trip. This should provide us with a clear indication whether the insurance policy is ideal, based on the premium rates and amount of coverage. Another way to reduce costs is by choosing the family vacation insurance. This will cater to immediate families that travel together. The premium is usually lower than insurance policies for individuals.