Many families have pets that they adore. They treat pets as part of the family and like other family members, keeping pets healthy can be quite expensive. Medical treatments can be quite costly and it’s a good idea to choose medical insurance. However, before buying pet insurance, there are components that are excluded. We may not know about this fact and we could simply think that the pet insurance provider has failed us. Here are things that may be excluded from the coverage:

  1. Illness that appears within first 30 days after the policy is purchased. This also applies to standard health insurance for people.
  2. Conditions or illnesses which arise due to the process of giving birth or pregnancy
  3. Dog that is included in the Dangerous Animal Acts. If the policy is applied for an especially fierce breed of dog, it will be considered as illegal and void
  4. Dental treatment, but it may depend on the policy
  5. Hereditary conditions and behavioural problems
  6. Pets that need to be killed under the orders of the courts
  7. Illegally imported pets
  8. Travel outside the country, unless specified within the policy. It is considered as a major issue in many claims. Consumers may fail to check this detail when signing their policies. People who intend to bring their pets to other country should re-check their policy and contact the customer support.
  9. Claims related to epidemic diseases, such as rabies
  10. Racing or guard dogs, although they could be covered under special insurance policies

People who plan to purchase pet insurance policy need to bear in mind that the insurer may specify maximum amount of payout. This could depend on the amount of premiums. As an example, insurers may stop paying if they have provided $10,000 for the current year. This amount is sufficient for a major surgery and various medications. Each individual policy is different, so it is important for pet owners to know about the limit of the coverage. This also applies for vehicle and homeowner’s insurance policies too, so pet owners should be aware of such limitation.

Companies may also a set of excess fee and this could depend on the type of coverage. Pet owners should choose the type of coverage that they consider as the best policy and preferably, also the best value for their money. Pet insurance policies are often time-limited, so it means that the fee will be paid for a specific contract length, such as 12 months. This also applies with car insurance. There are also insurers that provide policy for the lifetime of the pet. In this case, pet insurance provider should provide a proper guarantee. When choosing a lifetime pet insurance,

Unusual or rare breeds of pets could also require special insurance policy. Specific species of pets, such as snake could face bigger pet insurance costs. The value of the pet itself has direct effect on the insurance costs. Rare breeds are often expensive, so we need to prepare to pay for higher insurance costs.