Credit Card

“If I could sit down with everyone and teach them all the rules of credit cards, I would, but when that it is not possible, I like to create a resource that people can use to learn how to better use credit cards so we can create a better financial future,” says Chris Mettler of

It is obvious that many people do not know how to use credit cards correctly. It is a big issue around the world and it is leading to many economic problems. Many of these issues can be solved with education, but many people do not receive the information that they need to make good credit card decisions. Here are five credit card rules that everyone should know in order to use their credit card for their financial benefit.

Make all your Credit Card Payments on Time, no matter what the Amount is

Many people think that is does not matter when they make their credit card payments. Although it is true that you can keep a balance on your credit card without major issues, it is still important to pay your credit card bill on time every month. This will keep your debt low and ensure that you do not waste any money on high interest rates or other late fees. Keep track of your bill and make payments as soon as you get your monthly statement.

Use your Credit Card to Earn the Most Rewards Points Possible

The best benefit that credit card have today is rewards points. You can earn cash back or other rewards on the things you buy using your credit card. This is a huge benefit to anyone, especially those looking to save money. Find out what benefits your credit card offers and how you can earn the most rewards using your credit card. This will help you save money and live better without creating debt.

Never Max Out Your Credit Card

There is a difference between maintaining a balance on your credit card and spending the maximum amount that you can on your credit card. Credit card companies usually give you a higher limit than they think you will spend. Many people are tempted to spend more because of the high limit, but it actually to help you use your credit card without creating debt or having to open a new credit card. Keep some available space in your credit limit to keep your finances under control.

Make more than the Minimum Payment each Month

There is nothing wrong with only making the minimum payments on your credit card bill each month, but it is an easy way to bury yourself in credit card debt if you are not careful. The minimum payment given to you by the credit card company is low because they want you to pay more in interest over time. To avoid paying more in interest, pay as much as you can towards your credit card balance each month.