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When the holiday season is coming, we could plan to spend a relaxing moment with the whole family at distant places. We will prepare our holiday well and we may have chosen reliable and trusted travel agent. We are confident that these professional will arrange our trip and we may think that we have wisely decided where to go. We may have done everything necessary, but not purchasing travel insurance. It means that there’s nothing we can do when the holiday has turned into a disaster. In this case, we will need a travel insurance that can provide us with protection. Travel insurance is an important instrument on our holiday and we should try to choose wisely. We will need to shop around for the best coverage and rate. It is also a good opportunity to obtain guidance from insurance professionals. We should be aware that even if have purchased travel insurance, we shouldn’t feel 100 percent secure. There’s no insurance policy that’s able to cover all risks. It means that we need to evaluate travel insurance policies for things that they cover and don’t cover. Knowing these details should prepare us for bad things that can happen in our trip. It means that we need to find the best coverage for our travel. Here are things that may not be covered by travel insurance provider: Trip cancelled by tour operator: This could be something that’s beyond our control. Many insurers won’t pay us if the trip is cancelled by the tour operator. In this case, the only thing that we can do is to ask the operator for a refund. The cancellation could happen due to internal company issues, so we should choose a reliable operator. War and riot: War and riot don’t happen overnight. If we risk ourselves to travel to potentially dangerous areas, we shouldn’t be surprised if the insurer doesn’t want to pay us. Illness or death of a pet: Owners often need to leave their pets at home country. However, if their pet becomes ill or dies, they may want to cancel the trip. Unfortunately, insurers are not compassionate enough in such situation. We won’t be paid for cancelled trips due to this situation. Psychological issues: If we have psychological issues and want to cancel our trip, companies will exclude this thing from the coverage. This situation may cause us to become more depressed, but it’s something that we need to accept. Marriage problems: Some people may have sudden relationship upheaval before a trip and divorce could even happen. This may sound like a one in a million chance, it could still happen. If one of the spouses files for divorce, the whole vacation plan will be ruined and it needs to be cancelled. This is something that’s not covered by the insurance company. Visa refusal: This may happen sometimes and what we can expect to get is a cash-back from our airline. Again, the travel insurance company won’t agree for such cancellation.