In this ever changing world, things can change instantly; all you have to do is look at the world news to know this. Attacks in Paris by terrorists have changed people’s lives forever. Look at the news from the U.K. and it is the same story. Every day people go to work, never thinking their lives could change in a minute. Children go to school, and the majority of parents do not think of how their children’s lives world be changed if a parent suddenly died. An important factor in this world of ours is to write a will, therefore providing for your family, if you were to die. There are a number of ways to this, the most normal is to seek legal advice i.e. visit a solicitor, alternatively you can write your own D.I.Y. will.

Seeking Legal Advice

This is the safest method for many people, and has been used for many years. If you have a complicated lifestyle and have a business, this method may be for you. Your solicitor will need a list of all your assets, e.g. all property owned by you (in the U.K. and overseas), cars, savings, insurance policies, investments and any shares and bonds that you own. If you own property overseas this can make things more complicated and therefore using a solicitor may be your best course of action.

The D.I.Y. Will Option

If you choose this method, you need to ensure the document has all the relevant information in it.

It must be signed, dated and witnessed properly by two people. One important point is that a witness or married partner of a witness cannot benefit from this will. You will need to ensure that all spelling is correct, particularly people’s names. You also need to be exact, do not just say your wife, and write her exact name and perhaps her driver’s license number, just to be sure.

Other Things that Need to be Addressed

If you have children under the age of 18 you will need to name a person as their legal guardian for them, So that they have someone to take care of them and look after their financial matters. If you have adopted children you need to make special provision for this, in which case it may be better to use a solicitor. Furthermore, you will need to name the executors of the will, these could be family members or close friends, in addition, you can also use a solicitor (but this will incur additional fees). You can also check the family protection trust for more information. If living North of London and close to Stowmarket, you could check on Google and just type in, “How to make a will in Stowmarket”, this will give you highly accurate information instantly.

Final Considerations

After all of your working life, it is wise to ensure your family’s future, if you were to die. You have loved them with all your heart, and they have returned your love. Show how much you love them with your final will.